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New Iberia, La 70650
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EDUCATION: 2004-2007 University of Louisiana - Lafayette, LA
Université des Acadiens
- Bachelor of Art
- Graduated 19 May 2007
- Major: History / Minor: Religious Studies
- 3.556 Cumulative GPA - Cum Laude
- ULL Transcript
- Copy of B.A.
Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge, LA
- Major: Mechanical Engineering / Minor: Structural Engineering
- 38 Credit Hours transferred to University of Louisiana
- LSU Transcript
2005 Dec 21 Universal Life Church - Modesto, CA
- Doctorate of Philosophy in Religion
- Graduated 21 December 2005
- Completed comprehensive course work and comprehensive test on the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Testament of Today.
- Copy of Ph.D.
- *Please Note my comment on degree in my "About Me" Section
1999-2003 Westgate High School - New Iberia, LA
- Graduated 16 May 2003
- Grade Point Average: 3.8
- Graduated with full Honors and Regent Scholar
- Courses included Calculus, Psychology, Western Civilization, Fine Arts, Spanish, Physics, and Astronomy as well as ENGL 101 and MATH 105 through the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Onsite Program.
- Copy of Diploma
EXPERIENCE: 2008-PRESENT Mathematics Teacher
Sylvan Learning Center - New Iberia, LA
- Utilized the Sylvan Advantage system to instructed students with needs beyond basic class instruction to meet quantitative requirements for mathematics courses and to enrich gifted students
- Differentiated instruction using concrete and abstract concepts to meet the needs of all students as well as participated in multiple-discipline tutoring while in training
- Helped students with ACT strategies as well as refreshed students in previously learned materials to insure maximum performance
2007-2007 Mathematics Teacher
Catholic High School - New Iberia, LA
- Taught students the principles of second level Algebra and Geometry
- Differentiated instruction using concrete and abstract concepts to meet the needs of all students
- Tutored students before and after school to meet high expectations of the course
- Assessed pupils' work
- Motivated students to help one another by developing a reward system
- Developed a video lesson system to aid students with beyond classroom needs
- Utilized technology in the classroom to create a unique instructional setting
- Structured information to relate specifically to teenagers in order to captivate their interest and build on skills previously obtained
- Required special projects for students to develop their own scenarios, establish the goals for their problems, and solve those problems either individually or in groups
- Communicated with parents
- Collaborated with other teachers to design a curriculum
- Scheduled lessons based on student performance of the material presented
- Moderated and coordinated all Drum Corps practices and performances
- Coordinated and traveled to all mathematics tournaments
2005-2006 Professional Mathematics Tutor
South Louisiana Community College - Lafayette, LA
- Instructed students with needs beyond basic class instruction to meet quantitative requirements for mathematics courses
- Developed a means of informal instruction with a diverse population in both individual and group settings
- Adapted instruction to address new problems from new areas and transferred knowledge from one context during impromptu sessions
- Met with students on weekends and holidays, outside of my scheduled work times and requirements, to insure high level student performance
2001-2006 Assistant Administrator/Manager/Editor - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Staff Writer for X-Potential Form column, May 2001 – January 2002
- Wrote various articles revolving around physics and natural sciences
- Converted articles from simple text to HTML and published those articles online
- Forum Host for Science Fiction Forum, January 2002 – May 2004
- Continued to publish articles revolving around the sciences
- Hosted discussions revolving around the sciences
- Managed forum posts and censored vulgar material
- Maintained open dialogue with administration and website users
- Editor/Assistant Website Manager, May 2004 – April 2006
- Selected and edited columns, articles, and stories to comply with editorial policy, target audience, and publishing requirements as well as to detect and correct spelling, punctuation, and syntax errors.
- Maintained and enhanced the structure and organization of the website
- Designed and edited graphics for layouts
- Managed website newsletter submissions, design, editing and distribution
- Assistant Administrator, April 2006 – December 2006
- Wrote and edited code for PHPnuke modules
- Designed tutorials to ease website navigation
- Reorganized website to make it more user friendly
- Decided which features would be added to or removed from the website
- Assigned specific roles to individuals to maintain the design and content as well as to perform necessary updates and backups
- Resolved technical difficulties by editing and revising HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript source code
- Modified SQL database to store phpBB forum onto server
2003-2004 Student Worker
Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge, LA
- Archived books and papers in the professor's personal library
- Indexed all data stored on electronic devices into a single database
- Typed passages and imputed formulas into documents for professor’s academic journal submissions
- Copied and faxed papers
- Measured flow rates and water depth on the Mississippi River sediment project temporarily
2002-2003 Assembler/Electronics Technician
Operation: Eagle One - Lafayette, LA
- Assembled a mid-range nitrogen powered rocket using prefabricated materials
- Installed electronic sensors into rocket nosecone to determine altitude and velocity of the craft
- Performed computer simulated launch tests
- Built and maintained website as part of the public relations committee
CERTIFICATIONS: Alternative Teaching Certification
- Currently enrolled at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to obtain certification
- 3 Credit hours completed
- Scored 143 on Praxis 2 - 0061 Mathematics: Content Knowledge Test
Continued Education
- Participated in Classroom Management workshop sponsored by the Iberia Parish School Board (7 CLUs)
- Participated in Differentiated Teaching Strategies and Class Management Techniques workshop sponsored by the Diocese of Lafayette (5.5 CLUs)
- Attended 2007 Bond With Math LATM Annual Conference (7 CLUs)
- Participated in Reading and Writing Skills Essential to Meeting High Mathematics Standards workshop sponsored by the Bureau of Eduation and Research (7 CLUs)

Teaching: Mathematics (Algebra I & II and Geometry) and Social Studies (American History, World History, Arts Survey, Western Civilization, and Civics)

Research: Thorough knowledge of research methods; the ability to organize large and diverse quantities of information; the ability to accumulate, analyze, screen, interpret and condense collected information; proficient in logically organizing information into concise and clearly written coherent arguments

Computer Skills: Excellent information technology skills with advanced computer literacy skills in website design, data management, and technology in the classroom as well as mastery of office machines from previous work experiences

Languages: English (fluent), Spanish (basic), Laotian (basic), and Latin (basic)

Communication: Able to present information in a variety of ways, from formal papers to impromptu presentations, and to a variety of people since I have worked with high school students as a mathematics teacher and adult students as a mathematics tutor at a community college; Able to introduce new ideas and concepts and to inform people both on an individual basis and in a group setting

Interest: Modern Southeast Asian History, Cajun Culture, Transition of Laotian Traditions in Southern Louisiana, Anthropology and Philosophy of Religion

AWARDS: Cum Laude Graduate, University of Louisiana – Lafayette, 2007, Outstanding in Physics, Outstanding in Astronomy, Outstanding Senior, Outstanding in Math, Regent Scholar (State), Regent Scholar (Parish), Honors Graduate, and other various awards.
ACTIVITIES: 2005-2007 Emerging Spiritual Pathways at ULL
2005-2006 Gamma Beta Phi
2002-Present Louisiana Rocket Society
2002-2003 Social Studies Club - Secretary (2002-2003)
2001-2003 National Honors Society
2000-2002 Octagon Club - Secretary/Treasurer (2001-2002)


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Breaux, Jarred James. The Laotian Civil War: The Intransigence of General Phoumi Nosavan and American Intervention in the Fall of 1960. Morrisville, N.C.: Lulu, 2008.


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