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My Best Friends

This page is dedicated to my best friends with whom I was at a certain period of my life, starting from classmates and including the professional test taker at with whom I worked in the paper writing service. This page is about my friends. Each picture contains a little bit about each one of them.

Kacy Prince

Kacy and I dated for three years in high school and have remained good friends throughout my college years. Although she never can "remember that far back," she is a good person and you can always count on her whenever your need. She is a great photographer. I included some of her work in a separate section on this site. She is a very busy girl and has finally made it out on her own. I am sure she will do great things in her life.

Toby Panya

Toby and I are almost together everyday. We are out usually doing something, like watching movies or going out with friends. Sometimes we just stay at my house and watch movies or play on the computers. He is older than me, almost old enough to be my father, and I called him "old man" or "patao" (Laos for "old man"). I enjoy learning about his culture and I have dedicated much of my historical, sociological and anthropological research to the Laotian population. Toby is a computer engineer, but has also worked as a nurse and as a card dealer for the casino. He loves going to the casino and making a donation to the establishment; I say "donation" because he never really wins.

Robert Phiavong

I met Robert my sophomore year of high school when he was attempting to impress the other guys in our P.E. class by jumping off of the bleechers and landing face down on the sand. What an idiot. Anyway, we have been friends on and off ever since. We are known for fighting and getting pissed off at each other for months, but then being buddy-buddy like nothing never happened. Robert is a cool guy and has good intentions. He is a hard worker and willing to take on any task.

Lennis Olivier

I met Lennis my first day in middle school. He was the geekiest and most annoying person in P.E. Some bullies were picking on him and pushed him on the bleechers, calling him "Mushy" (because his hair looked like a mushroom). Anyway, I stood up for the little nerd and made the bullies back off. That is one move I have come to regret (just kidding). Lennis has been my best friend since eight grade. We have shared everything with each other and have helped each other through many hard times.

Nick Segura

I met Nick my freshmen year of high school. He was best friends with my ex-girlfriend Krystal. He introducted me to the Matrix and the Cranberries, a movie and a band I had never heard off. I enjoy hanging out with Nick and his beautiful fiancee, Jeannique, but I am sure I misspelled her name as usual. I like to pick on him for his flamboyancy, but he is always well dressed and gets all the hot girls. He is an artisy person, so I guess it comes with the career path.

Holly McCleod

I have known Holly all my life. Our parents lived next door to each other before we were born. We grew up fighting like brothers and sisters; name calling and just general squabling. By the time we got to high school, we were close friends. Someone asked me once if she was my sister, since we slightly resemble each other. Since then I have called her "sis" jokingly. She is a very religious person, spending most of her time working for the church and also volunteering there anytime she is needed. Her spirituality gives her happiness. What a wonderful person.

Lindsay Strait

Lindsay is the craziest person you will ever meet. She is just nuts! I have to watch her in public, especially from embarassing me. She is great fun to be around, always lightening the mood in a dim moment. And you can always expect her to place in her two cents into any opinion. She loves animals, way more than she loves humans, and is dedicated to her studies. She is a very smart girl who started college at 16 and can excell in nearly any career field; although, I ultimately hope she choses a political career.

Darla Wells

Darla is probably the most intelligent person I know. She is a English teacher and folklorist working on her Ph.D. at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She has had a crazy life, starting out in Shreveport and moving all over the country in her youth. I love listening to her stories and her insight on different situations. She is a very spiritual and religious person also.

Kieu "Cindy" Mai

I met Cindy through Toby a few years ago. We became great friends and lived together for a month. I love Cindy to death, but I can't live with her! I always pick on her for not keeping a job for more than three weeks. She has just recently been engaged to her boyfriend, James, and they are expecting a baby soon. I am sure she will be a great mother because she has been a great aunt to her nieces and nephews.

Rick Nguyen

Rick is an affiliate on and a great guy and always makes me laugh. His evaluations of other people and their actions is truly hysterical. He is very spastic and irratic, but always ready to party. He is always searching for the next great thing, even though a lot of times he ends up back where he started. Definitely a never failing optimist, a quality I lack I suppose.

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