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Welcome to!

Welcome to my website. If you are like the many and wondering what Nakquda means, it means "Emperor of the Gods" in Ki and is the name of a city in Ancient Egyptian. It is also believed to be Element 118 used in Stargate. Stargate spells it Naquada however. If you are interested in learning about what Nakquda is and you share common interests with me, you can go to the page on the site that interests you, and order an essay if I haven't covered the topic enough.

The name Nakquda is also derived from the oldest city ever discovered in Egypt. Nagada was a city in predynastic Upper Egypt. Nagada is 16 miles north of Thebes, near the pyramid of Tukh. Nagada may be spelled Nakada or Naqada. Three periods represent three different cultures: Amratian (Nagada I, 4200 - 3700 BC), Gerzean A (Nagada II, 3700 - 3250 BC), and Gerzean B (Nagada III, 3250 - 3050 BC). Nagada is considered to be the center for the followers of Seth.

There is lots of information on this site. The Personal and Friends & Family sections will tell you a lot about who I am and what I do. The Essays, Science, Art & Literature, Historical Figures, and Anthropology are compositions that I wrote or drew in school and for other websites. Some essays are from Empire Ezine's Fact or Fiction and X-Ponential Form, where I used to write a series of articles each month, and others were written for the Daily Iberian in New Iberia, Louisiana. Some sections contain notes taken during classes at Louisiana State University and the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. Click here for the entire list of essays located on this site.

Newly Published Works

Intransigence & Indifference: Essays Concerning Religion and Spirituality
Jarred James Breaux
Intransigence & Indifference introduces you to religious beliefs and practices from around the world. It takes you into the spiritual realm and engulfs you in the paranormal and the supernatural while paying close attention to detail and the philosophy of religion. Engage in well researched articles and educate yourself on the religious beliefs surrounding you in a world where so little is known as so much is made mundane.

The author debates and rebuttals many firm concepts common to Western belief, tackling the definition of marriage, Christmas traditions, traditional characteristics of God, the use of narcotics to induce an ecstatic state, and the basis of evil in the world today.

Jarred James Breaux is a History and Religious Studies graduate of l'Université des Acadiens. Considered an expert in the field of comparative religious study, Breaux has participated in a variety of religious rituals, ranging from Roman Catholic masses and Laotian Theraveda Buddhists sai bods to a Wiccan sabbath and a Druid May-day.

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ISBN 978-1-4357-1777-0 paperback
ISBN 978-1-4357-3788-4 hardcover

The Laotian Civil War: The Intransigence of General Phoumi Nosavan and American Intervention in the Fall of 1960
Jarred James Breaux
The Laotian Civil War: The Intransigence of General Phoumi Nosavan and American Intervention in the Fall of 1960 focuses on a specific event during American-sponsored “Secret War” in Laos. In the fall of 1960, General Kong Le overthrew the Laotian government that was established after Laos had declared their independence from France. However, Kong Le still recognized the power of the Laotian King, a person who was really at the mercy of the military generals. This thesis proves that General Phoumi Nosavan was intentionally uncooperative in negotiating a coalition government because he wanted to seize the city himself and appoint a Rightist pro-Western anti-Communist Prime Minister.
Softcover Print: $9.95 ~ Download: $3.95

Latest News!

Back on Myspace
I brought back my myspace page because I quit my job. So, now I can have myspace again! Whoo hoo!!! It is the same old link I used to have: Add me if you want! You can also message me on Yahoo and AIM under the screenname Nakquda.

New Website
This is my new website. I have been wanting to revamp my personal website and make it more professional looking. I spent several hours combining different elements to make this new look. Some might recognize the basic layout from the old Empire newsletters and from various nuke websites. I dumped the php code and made the entire site in html. I hope everyone likes the new style.

On Saturday, May 19, 2007, I graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, which is also known by its French name Université des Acadiens. I earned a Bachelors of Arts from the College of Liberal Arts, with a concentration in History and Religious Studies.

Copyright All rights reserved. Reproduction without the written permission of the publisher is forbidden. All essays and articles are written by Jarred James Breaux unless stated otherwise. The mention of or reference to any person, company, or written material in these pages is not a challenge to the trademark or copyright concerned.