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Intransigence & Indifference: Essays Concerning Religion and Spirituality
Jarred James Breaux
Intransigence & Indifference introduces you to religious beliefs and practices from around the world. It takes you into the spiritual realm and engulfs you in the paranormal and the supernatural while paying close attention to detail and the philosophy of religion. Engage in well researched articles and educate yourself on the religious beliefs surrounding you in a world where so little is known as so much is made mundane. The author debates and rebuttals many firm concepts common to Western belief, tackling the definition of marriage, Christmas traditions, traditional characteristics of God, the use of narcotics to induce an ecstatic state, and the basis of evil in the world today.
Softcover Print: $16.95
Hardcover Print: $21.95
Download: $3.95

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Experiences Archive

Name: Paul Richard Theimer
Email: [email protected]
Date: June 1997
Type of Experience: UFO Sighting
Location Type: Rural
Location Area: Parksburg, Pennsylvania.
It was early summer, and I had been spending time with my girlfriend, Alexis, in her hometown of Parksburg, about 30 minutes from my residence in Lionville. This was on the very edge of Lancaster, PA, one of the most Amish populated towns in america. Parksburg itself was prodominantly amish outside of a few modern residences. We normally went for an evening drive on Creek Road, an eight mile long road that many locals enjoyed driving for the scenery and the farmlands. There was no light pollution to be found, the skies were always crystal clear and you could see more stars than you could count. We'd spend hours parked on the side of the road laying on the hood of the car staring into the cosmos. On one particular night, we were laying out on a cool night, there was barely a cloud in the sky. We were having a discussion, and something had caught my eye. I almost immediately wrote it off as an airplane as it was bright and white, but didn't seem to be circular, but in the form of a triangle much like the cockpit and the lights on the wings of an aircraft. It was high in the sky, but was the brightest thing in the sky besides the moon. She paid no attention to it, I continued to watch it as it sped across the sky. The movement it made next completely blew me away, it changed course. It didn't maintain it's steady straight line, instead appeared to rotate slightly, make about a 120 degree hook in the opposite direction and flew away with a meteor-like tail and disappeared in a matter of a second. It reminded me exactly like seeing a shooting star in it's movement, the sudden straight line and rapid disappearance. The speed was uncanny, and there was no mistake that what I had been watching in the sky was a craft of some sort. I laid there staring at the starry area where the object had disappeared to, and Alexis had asked me "What's Wrong?" with concern. I looked at her, and said "You didn't see that?". She replied with a no, and I stared back up wondering if I should even state what I had just witnessed. I then spoke to her "That object in the sky.. it took off in the opposite direction and disappeared almost in an instant. I think I just saw a UFO" Expecting her to laugh or answer in disbelief, she casually replied with "Did it almost resemble the Nike Swoosh logo?" I was stunned, as that is about exactly how I would describe it's flight pattern immediately before disappearing. I didn't reply, I just stared at her. She continued with "I've seen it before, my mother has seen it more than once, and there's been reports of it on a number of occasions since we've lived here." It was apparently something that other people have witnessed in this small community on separate occasions. Considering the heavy Amish population, the small number of witnesses that reported it had not been enough to gain credibility and the sightings were frequently written off. I couldn't find any information about UFO sightings in this city anywhere, but still witnessed something that had been seen before. Her mother later did confirm her sightings of the object and described it exactly as what I had seen. This was my first UFO sighting.

Name: Paul Richard Theimer
Email: [email protected]
Date: August 1992
Type of Experience: Paranormal Experience
Location Type: Suburban
Location Area: Lionville, Pennsylvania.
I was 11 years old when I moved from our home in Yardley, PA to our new residence in Lionville, PA. We lived in a newly built home for about six years, and moved to an older home, approximately 80 years old in a different county of Pennsylvania. It was a two story home, with a large finished basement. The upper level had two bedrooms, where myself and my brother slept, a bathroom and a walk-in attic. It was summer, probably in the low 90's on a weekday afternoon. My parents were at work, it was summer vacation, so I was home with my brother who spent a lot of time in the basement which had a pool table and a "hangout" room with a television. The house itself showed it's age, the floors creaked, just about every step you took made a noise in the home. The upstairs was normally about five degrees warmer than the rest of the house, which averaged around 72 F in the summer. The walk-in attic upstairs was overwhelmingly hot, probably around 105-110 in the summer as it only had one window in the back with a fan and no other air circulation.
It was about 10:30 a.m. and I was awoken to a cold chill in my body. I woke up as if I had a nightmare with no memory of dreaming, but was very cold. My hair was on end, and I shivered slightly as I got out of bed. I suddenly heard the walk-in attic door shut, it was warped and swelled in summer so it required a large amount of force to close and made an unmistakable sound when it closed. Only living there for a few weeks, it was something that was already familiar to me as a lot of my belongings were stored in the attic. I left my room, walked down the hallway and looked to see who had closed it. My brother's room was empty, I was the only one on the floor at the time, and I would have heard him walk down the stairs had he just left the area. I figured he may be in the attic, so I reached for the doorknob. It was stuck, I could not turn it as if it was locked. This particular door had no lock on it. The knob was freezing cold to the touch. Suddenly it turned with great ease and I pulled the door open. It was dark, unusually dark. It became very apparent that it wasn't my brother sitting in the dark. I tugged on the single light string, the bulb flashed and popped out. I then realized that it was daytime, normally you can see the back window and it illuminates the attic. The window was not visible. I took a few steps in and it became colder, easily ten degrees colder than the rest of the 2nd floor. I stood very still, a little shocked not feeling the rush of heat when I stepped in. I stopped immediately as I saw something move, something large. It was a black mass that was blocking the light from the window. It did not cast a shadow, but seemed to absorb the light as it was almost too dark even with something blocking it. It seemed to grow, as if it was approaching me. I couldn't move, I froze in place, I didn't want to blink. I took a step back and screamed for my brother. The mass disappeared within two seconds. The attic became warmer, the room lit up from the sunlight coming through the window. I slammed the door shut, ran downstairs, and found my brother watching television in the basement. The only possible way out of the attic is through the door I was standing in or through the two foot by two foot window in the back and a 20 foot drop. It wasn't him. I was terrified. This moment was a milestone in my life that got me interested in the paranormal. I know what I experienced, I researched and found that what I saw and the fluxuations in temperature when witnessing an entity were common. My fear turned into interest, and I began to devote a large portion of my life trying to get answers and reaching out to others that experienced things like I had. This was my first paranormal experience.

Name: Bryn Patton
Email: [email protected]
Date: Jan 1 2008
Type of Experience: Abduction
Location Type: Rural
Location Area: Rachel NV us
Message: It was 1998 in the fall. Me and 3 friends decided to go camping at what is well known as area 51. 2 of the 3 friends were brothers whos mom had a UFO support group type deal. We all thought they were nuts but whatever, difference is what makes the world go round. So Heath and Eric suggested going out to area 51 and checking it out. Living in Las vegas it only took us a couple hours to get up there. When we got there it was already late and the Little Alien Inn Hotel was closed. We had no idea where to go but with a 4X4 we made our own road. We ended up on a road maybe 8 lanes wide and made of dirt and gravel. At the end of the road all we could see was a bright red light kind of like a stop light. We assumed it was a guard shack so we stopped on the side and set up camp. Being younger, we brought beer and some pot to smoke. We watched the sky which was truly awesome, very cool test aircraft or something. You would see a light just barely moving and then it would be gone and show up across the sky somewhere else. It was cool. We all passed out in the back of my friends truck. My friend who drove slept inside of the truck. He locked his doors and we passed out in the fall night. I have a memory of guys in black doing something to us but it is like a dream memory. All I do know is that when we woke up in the morning, we were extremely lathargic and grogy and all of our watches were changed to different times, none of them the same. It was weird, it was like we had just come out of surgery and felt the anasteshia wearing off. We never found out what happened that night but it is a night we all will never forget and talk about it whenever we see each other.

Name: Elizabeth
Email: [email protected]
Date: Jan 1 2008
Type of Experience: Abduction
Location Type: Celestrial
Location Area: Virginia us
Message: Hi there!I'm Elizabeth. I blieve in ghosts. My friend Leslie owns an 1800s farm here in Virginia and we captured many EVPs on her property. One young boy spirit told us his name. It was kind of creepy picking up those EVPs at first but now we are hooked.Her spirits are friendly and the neighborhood folks all know this home to be haunted. It was owned by a General in the past and his wife was sensitive to ghosts. She had told the neighbors of it's friendly spirits before.

Name: Jarred James Breaux
Email: [email protected]
Date: Oct 30 2006
Type of Experience: Religious Experience
Location Type: Rural
Location Area: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Message:During a weekend visit to Baton Rouge in the winter of 2006, I joined friends of mine in celebration of their religious holiday known as Thesmophoria. It an Ancient Greek festival to honor Demeter and his daughter Persephone. Coming from a entirely different religious background, I was curious as to what this festival was all about.
Upon arriving, the festival was no different than any other. There was music and plenty of food. People laughed and drank, as if it were a Catholic Easter Sunday. But later in that evening, my friends began to perform rituals to honor their goddesses. First was a play reinacting Persephone's cross into the underworld. It began with a percession of the religious followers through an open, but wooded area behind the temple. The sound of horns called the spirits to their sacred place. The procession leader sang a beautiful song about a battle that happened long before our time and the effects of that battle on the people. Concluding with the rights of their religion, members relaxed for a moment. At nightfall, all the torches were lite and they began a meditation, sounding the 7 vowels of the Greek alphabet. A truly powerful meditation indeed and it seemed to captivate many of the followers, some to the point of unconsciousness. But what came later would shock us all.
Several acres of dense forest had been blessed by the group's spiritual leaders. The same land had been home to a previous pagan following that had also blessed the land. But long before that, the forest was the home of a Native American tribe. Large mounds laid out in concentric patterns adorned the forest. Undisturbed, the beauty of the mounds and the history of the people was protected by the pagan followings.
In honor of the goddess Persephone, the group led a procession into the forest close to midnight. The procession was a silent one, keeping quiet not to distrub the inhabitants of the forests. Following a path cleared the previous day, only the truly faithful entered into the realm. I was allowed to come along being I was a spiritual leader of another faith. As we walked, we held our torches tightly. Upon arrival of a small clearing, we gathered in a circle and overlooked one of the great mounds. The priest and priestess of the group began to invoke the honor dead and the goddess. It is at that moment that all the torches turned out, leaving us all stranded in the dark, deep in the woods without a flashlight or lighters to see anything. It as a full moon out, but nothing of the moon's reflection reached through the dense canopy of the forest. We began to hear sounds coming from the forest. At first I thought it was my own imagination since your senses tend to play tricks on your mind in such situations. However, others heard the same sounds. First was cracking wood and leaves, as if someone were walking toward us. Then came the sound of a goat, almost as if it were laughing at our stupidity for entering the realm of the ancestors. But finally, there was a light breeze that blew through the forest and all of our torches relite themselves. Gathered closely together, we were all thankful that the light had returned and most of us wanted nothing more but to get the hell out of there. Once we finally started to calm down and to move out of the forested area, the bats came. An entire swarm of bats, encircling all seven of us that entered the area. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of bats circled around us. We all put our backs to one another, but slowly began to make our way for the exit once the bats flew higher toward the sky. We all rushed through the forest exit, almost stepping on one another.
The priestess and I were the last two to exit the forest. We wanted to seal the entrance according to rituals under both of our faiths, basically to make sure nothing would escape. But it was at that moment that I came face to face with something that was even more scarier than I could ever imagine. A dark figure, seemingly without shape approached us. Both of us saw it, but we could not describe in words exactly what we were seeing. It was like it used our memories to construct some type of image of what should be there. Physically, nothing appeared, but we both felt as if a creature taking on the shaped of a human shadowed in a black cloud was standing before us. We began the rights immediately and the creature just stood there nd watched us. We hastily finished and upon our last utterances, the creature jumped toward us and came right into my face. We both fall back and ran like hell toward the temple.
What the creature was, I have no idea. I assume it was a manifestation of the spirits of the ancestors, disturbed by our trampling into their realm at night. Few of us spoke around the experience when we returned to the camp fire near the temple. But from the fire we heard the sound of the laughing goat again, and the seven of us looked toward the forest with fear in our faces. The others at the site looked at us and interrogated us about our experience in the woods. None of us had a definite answer though. We just knew something happened. Something we could not describe in words, only emotion. None of the seven said a word, and we all just sat there quietly.

Name: Amber Hughes
Email: ambermh828@yahoo,com
Date: Dec 29 2007
Type of Experience: Déjà vu
Location Type: Other
Location Area: Johnson City, Tennessee, USA
Message: It's not only deja vu, but an out of body experience. I work with a paranormal group. I went outside to take out the trash at my own home. I was next to a wooded area. I have no neighbors. There was one small flashlight like light in the woods, then two, then seven, then five, then hundreds. Soon I felt like I was blinded by a light. not god like, nor evil. I like a warming sensation at first, then pain all over. Like knives. and the white became overpowering. and it felt like I had felt this before. I must have past out or something, but it felt like I was floating. I woke up with a really horrible headache and I had bruises all over my arms and inner thighs. But not bruises like I had been hit, but like bruises from something on the inside of my body. Thought I should share it. Maybe you could tell me? I've yet to figure it out.

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